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3 Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs to Know

November 27th, 2012

Many times when an individual visits a personal injury lawyer, that person feels only information pertaining to the current case and situation needs to be discussed. While it is true that the attorney needs this information, other pieces of information are vital. The defense team will look at everything in your background and your current life to see what “dirt” they can get on you to discredit you. Personal injury lawyers need to be aware of several items in order to combat anything the defense may throw at them.

1. Medical Background and Conditions
When speaking with the lawyer, don’t be surprised when he or she begins to ask questions of a personal nature such as about your medical background and any medical conditions from which you may be suffering. These questions help the lawyer to prepare your case. For instance, if you have suffered from migraines or neck issues in the past and you are experiencing headaches or neck pain, your lawyer will need to be aware of the previous history. You better believe that the opposing counsel will find it and use it to their advantage. Relaying this information to your legal counsel could make the difference between winning and losing the lawsuit.

2. Criminal History
Criminal charges do not mean that you cannot win a personal injury lawsuit; however, the opposing counsel will look into your background. Remember the job of the opposing counsel is to find anything that may discredit your testimony. This means that if you have had moving violations, multiple at-fault traffic accidents, or criminal charges, the defense attorneys will bring this up in court. Your personal injury attorney will need to know this information up front, so he or she can prepare to combat that evidence and prepare you to face the questions the other counsel will ask.

3. Financial Background and Lawsuit History
We all know that there are people in society who bounce from one lawsuit to another. These people give those individuals who are truly seeking just compensation a bad reputation. Again, if you have had a lawsuit in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose the new case. The defense team will be looking to see if you have pursued cases against large companies and expected or received large settlements. They may try to portray you as someone who is trying to make a living out of frivolous lawsuits, and your counsel will need to be ready to dispute this portrayal. Also, if you are currently having financial difficulties, the defense team may try to lead the jury to believe you are only pursuing the lawsuit to solve your financial needs. Be sure to provide your attorney with all of the needed information.

A good attorney doesn’t just need to know about your current case and the lawsuit you wish to pursue. He or she needs to know your basic background, medical history, and any other information that the defense may use in an attempt to discredit you. Remember it is your personal injury attorney’s job to prepare your case, prepare you to respond to questions from opposing counsel, and prepare arguments against items the opposing counsel may present. All of these items combined will make it possible for you to win your case during your day in court.

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