Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are every parent’s worst nightmare. After months of education, careful planning and preparation, expecting parents are forced to leave the delivery of their child to the hands of medical authorities, who are in most cases, complete strangers. While most of the time these trusted professionals do the best job they can, mistakes do happen, and they’re not uncommon.

Many cases of birth injury can be connected to medical malpractice, carelessness or negligence. Studies of medical malpractice in the US show that physical injury or disease affects 7 out of ever 1,000 babies. And yes, those instances are caused by mistakes on the part of inattentive staff.

Our Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers Can File A Malpractice Claim

At the Offices of Steven J. Malman and Associates, P.C., we sympathize with parents who have gone through this ordeal, and we are committed to fight for you. We know that a birth injury can have lifetime consequences and expenses that many families are unable to afford. We will help you navigate the process, bring responsible parties to justice, and get repayment for your pain and suffering, as well as medical bills. If the injury was in fact due to a doctor or other medical professional’s mistake, you may qualify for thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

If your baby has suffered a birth injury such as brain damage, cerebral palsy, erbs palsy (brachical palsy), or broken bones such as a clavicle or skull fracture, we know that money won’t make it better. But we do know that it will prevent you from going into debt on top of the grief you are already experiencing.

Since 1994, we at Malman Law have settled over 6,000 birth injury and medical malpractice matters. We simplify the legal process and lead you on a path to success. Call us today at 1-888-MALMAN-LAW and find out if we can help. Our ZERO fee guarantee means there is absolutely no charge unless we collect for you.

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