Plastic Surgery Errors

In the legal world, we generally define medical malpractice as any intentionalact (either with or without the patient’s consent) that causes damage or injury to the patient. Just because cosmetic surgery is an “elective” procedure and not covered by most health insurance does NOT mean that the surgeon is not held to the same standards of responsible care.

Because the cosmetic surgery business is booming, we have seen a large increase in medi-spas, cosmetic clinics and other businesses that promise quick results and non-invasive treatments. The problem with these businesses is that they often do not require the oversight of a board-certified surgeon. In fact, sometimes as little as one year of training can qualify an individual to perform certain modern procedures. If you have experienced complications, ongoing medical conditions or injury as a result of a botched cosmetic surgery procedure, the skilled and compassionate Chicago malpractice attorneys at Malman Law can look into your case.

Plastic Surgery medical malpractice can also involve a failure to identify dangerous conditions, miscommunication, delayedor inappropriate medication or treatment, or lack of proper emergency procedures. As in all medical malpractice lawsuits, to provide proof that a plastic surgeon’s inattention led to your condition, we need to provide solid evidence that mistakes took place. And that’s just what our legal team can do. Our on-staff physician (also an attorney) can perform an examination and pinpoint signs of carelessness on the part of your surgeon.

Do not allow yourself to become burdened with medical bills, pain and irritation. If you have suffered injuries because of substandard cosmetic surgery, then you have the legal right to reimbursement. At the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman& Associates, P.C, our highly skilledmedical malpractice lawyers will help you to get greatestcompensation and help you deserve. And if we fail to do that, you don’t owe us a dime.

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