Surgical Errors

We trust surgeons with our lives, and why shouldn’t we? After all, they are highly trained and highly paid medical authorities. We expect them to preform each and every surgery with the utmost care and precision. But when surgeries go wrong, the results can last a lifetime. Patients are often expected to waive liability when undertaking surgery. But when the surgeon or supporting staff does more harm than good, that contract is broken.

Common Types of Surgical Mistakes

All surgery involves some degree of risk. Even with me most skilled doctors, complications can arise. However, these are some of the most common (and inexcusable) surgical errors we have seen.

  • Incorrect surgical procedure performed
  • Surgical or other items left in the body
  • Organs, tissue or nerve damage
  • Surgery performed on wrong site or wrong patient
  • Over- or under-anesthetizing
  • Patient’s recovery not closely monitored
  • Infection due to contaminated operating room or equipment

If you suspect that one of the above instances (or another mistake) has contributed to compilations in your surgery, it’s smart to sit down with an accomplished, sympathetic Illinois medical malpractice attorney at Malman Law. We can hold the doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist or other medical professional responsible for your injury and collect the maximum amount of compensation for you.

There are a number of things that set up apart from other malpractice lawyers in Chicago. For one thing, we have a full-time doctor on staff witha law degree. This qualified professional can preform an examination and determine if you have a case. If the injuries you have sustained could have been prevented, then we will go to work securing the funds you need to recuperate and regain your quality of life.

Our Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys Work For You

You may be tempted to just “cut your losses” and move on. The medical malpractice lawyers at Steven J. Malman and Associates in Chicago, Illinois urge you not to do so. We have been helping medical malpractice clients since 1994, and we are confident in our ability to pursue legal action to the fullest extent. If we are unable to win a settlement for you, we will go to court without a second thought. And if we do not win the case, your services with us are completely free. That’s our ZERO fee guarantee. But we are happy to report that the odds are in your favor – an astonishing 95% of our cases settle out of court.

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