Train Accidents

Over 890,000 Chicagoans use public transportation every day. Just think about that for a moment. While riding to work and home, going to restaurants and bar on the weekends, or visiting the city’s many cultural attractions like Millennium Park, The Museum Campus or Lake Michigan, all Chicagoland residents are dependent on “el” trains, buses, commuter railroads and other forms of public transit. With the sheer amount of bodies boarding and exiting trains every day, it’s almost inevitable that accidents happen from time to time.

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While safe most of the time, commuter trains, “el” trains and busses can be dangerous places. Of course, the priority of Chicago’s government and transportation corporations is to protect all passengers. But severe injuries and even death can occur from speeding trains, derailments, and quick stops. Not to mention drivers who are under the influence, serious mechanical problems that go undetected, and repair companies who do shoddy work. The wrong business decision for a company may result in a serious injury or loss of life. And it has happened many times.

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Even Trivial Public Transit Accidents Can Have Long-Lasting Results

Over the years, you may have heard about horrific train accidents and derailments that have killed many people. But your accident does not have to be a major catastrophe to warrant legal representation. If the conductor brakes suddenly, you can be thrust off of your feet, or you may unintentionally injure someone else. You can suffer bumps, cuts, bruises, sprains or soft tissue damage. Not to mention whiplash, broken bones or brain and spinal cord injuries.

Even an injury that seems insignificant at first can result in long-term complications. Those complications can have consequences that develop much later on – such as an inability to do your job, expensive surgeries, medications or physical therapy.

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