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What is Personal Injury Liability Insurance?

November 19th, 2012

Personal Injury Insurance
By law, it is required to have personal injury liability cover, or insurance, which is also known as bodily injury liability cover. This is mandatory if you want to drive a motor vehicle on a public road. This sort of cover protects you from being liable for the injuries of another person, should you be involved in an accident and partially responsible as well. The insurance will pay for the damages and medical bills that could be your responsibility after a settlement or lawsuit demand by the injured person, or persons. Otherwise, those affected could seek the services of Chicago personal injury law firms and seek a large sum settlement.

Type of Coverage
This type of insurance will cover any medical bills due to injuries caused by the accident, as well as damages, compensation for suffering and pain, and loss of income. The payment may occur in response to any private settlement or legal judgment between your insurance company and the injured party.

Important Exclusions
Personal injury liability cover will not pay out for any costs due to your own injuries, no matter who caused the accident. It does not cover any sort of damage to your vehicle, damage to the other person’s vehicle, damage to property or any other damage that was caused by the other vehicles involved in the accident. If you drove another person’s vehicle, your policy will not be triggered, except if the vehicle’s owner is not covered at all or the accident liability exceeds the coverage limits.

A deductible is included with all liability insurance policies. This deductible is the liability amount that you will have to pay yourself before receiving payments from your insurance company after a claim. As an example, if your deductible is $1,000 and the accident liability equals up to $1,000, it means that the insurance company does not have to pay anything.

Coverage & Limits
Coverage limits in personal injury liability policies are expressed in two ways, which is per accident and per person. With a coverage limit of $300,000/$800,000 you will receive a maximum payout of $300,000 for each injured person and a maximum of $800,000 per accident, for example. Any costs that exceed these limits will be your own responsibility. Most jurisdictions will require that you obtain cover with specific minimum coverage limits.

Consequences of Driving Without Insurance
Driving without any form of liability insurance is a risk, as you will be liable for all costs that occur due to an accident that you have caused. There would be no limit to your liability, and you might lose everything as a result of all the costs that you will have to pay. Should you be injured in an accident where the responsible person does not have any insurance, you might end up paying all your own bills if that person cannot afford it. You will find certain comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies that include insurance for uninsured motorists, which will pay for bodily injuries you sustained in any road accident that was caused by a motorist with no insurance.

From this article, you will most definitely see the importance of being fully covered for any liability due to an accident you caused. Do not be caught out by this and risk losing all that you have. Obtain the necessary liability insurance that will give you peace of mind. Contact a Chicago personal injury attorney if you would like to learn more, or if you believe your insurance rights have been violated.

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